Ubiquitous Real-Time Payments – 24x7x365 days

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Real-Time Payments Summit, New York

25th September, 2018,The Watson Hotel

8:45 Registration and Morning Coffee
9:00 Conference Chair’s Opening Remarks
Deborah Baxley | International Payment Consultant | PayGility Advisors
Session 1
9:10 Opening Power-hour Panel – Setting the stage!
• Real-Time Payments – What’s the current state of play?
• How the US payments landscape has evolved since the launch of RTP?
• Banks which have already implemented RTP including Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon, U.S. Bank, SunTrust and BB&T.
• What factors are driving the growth of Real-Time Payments?
• How Banks can secure the necessary resources and processes to support a fully 24/7 service?
• How will Banks be able to solve business problems like payment reconciliation and immediate availability of funds?
• What’s holding up Real-Time Payments to reach its real potential?
• How will Banks and Fintechs be able to achieve interoperability and ubiquity of Real-Time Payments? How long could it potentially take to get there?
• How can Banks and Fintechs create a competitive business proposition?
• What are the pre-requisites of building ubiquitous Real-Time Payments?
• What are the challenges while developing interoperable community-based solutions?
• Real-Time Payment notification – Confirmation of a payment within seconds
• How can Banks establish trust and public confidence in the safety and security of Real-Time Payments?

Steve Ledford | SVP Products and Strategy | The Clearing House
Tom Pendolino | SVP, Global Product Manager | Wells Fargo
Steve Kenneally | Vice President | American Bankers Association
Carolyn Criscitiello | Head of Digital Payments | HSBC Bank
Deborah Baxley | International Payment Consultant | PayGility Advisors (moderator)

10:10 Roadmap towards seamless, immediate and frictionless experience
• How can US Banks meet the growing expectations of consumers, corporations, small business owners and others to achieve a frictionless payment experience?
• Building faster payments are not going to be enough for Banks – How can they stay competitive by offering a seamless user experience to not only retain existing but build new customer base?

Marcos Peralta| Senior Vice President, Real Time Payments Practice Global Lead| Mastercard Advisors

10:35 So, you’ve got your Real-Time Payment platform, what else can you do with it
Real-Time Payments is the only USA payment system available 24/7, 365 days a year, supporting the demands of personal and business customers ensuring the best choice for moving money at any time simply, quickly and reliably. In this session, you will obtain latest updates on Real-Time Payments, how they did it, the available lessons, how the infrastructure has matured and what else you can do with it.

Tim Mills | Vice President | The Clearing House

10:55 Payments Trends And RTP: Opportunity through disruption
Deloitte’s view on the payment trends upcoming in the next 12 months and the opportunities and impact of Real-Time payments. Deloitte payments experts will discuss what actions we expect to see payments players to position themselves for longer term success and how Real-Time Payments factors in these scenarios.

Ravneet Randhawa | Senior Manager | Deloitte Consulting LLP
Sohail Kagzi | Digital Banking and Payments Transformation Leader | Deloitte Consulting LLP

11:20 Networking and Coffee break
Session 2
11:50 From building an infrastructure to building a business
• How Real-Time Payments respond to customer needs?
• Why should banks cooperate on the Real-Time Payments infrastructure?
• How to take all stakeholders on board?
• What potentials do Real-Time Payments have for new innovative services?

Scott Jones | VP, Product Manager |PNC BANK

12:10 Real-Time Payments – Opportunities and Challenges ahead
We live in a time, where immediacy is a new norm, be it immediate messaging, emails and even payments. With the rise of digitalization in economy, modern day customer demands that they should be able to pay anyone and anytime they want regardless of the location. So, the question arises, are we technologically ready in making Instant Payments a reality? What are the technology considerations for implementing Instant Payments? How can we develop processes to support all stakeholders’ 24/7/365 days? How can financial institutions upgrade their backend system and front-end applications to fulfill Instant Payments capability? Is technology ready to meet the rising demands?

David Kretz | Managing Director – Head of Global Payments | Bank of America

12:35 Faster Payments: Building a Governance Framework
• Discuss the Governance Framework Formation Team (GFFT), an industry work group focusing on the formation a Faster Payments governance framework.
• Provide information on the U.S. Faster Payments Council, the GFFT’s proposed governance framework and industry reactions to the proposal.

Dan Faxel | Assistant Vice President | Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

13:00 Networking Lunch
Session 3
14:00 Panel 2 – Should banks compete or collaborate with Fintechs to achieve Real-Time Payments?
Banks allow Fintechs to leverage their infrastructure and cash logistics expertise and it saves them a ton of time counting cash and worrying about compliance.
• Does the Banks and Fintech collaboration benefit the Banks or steal the show from them?
• Should Banks set their own partner innovation labs or outsource to a fintech firm?
• Is there a clear roadmap for achieving competitive, safe, ubiquitous Real-Time Payments?
• Should banks compete or collaborate with other banks and Fintechs to achieve Instant Payments?
• How banks can compete on innovation not only with other banks but also with digital leaders?
• How P2P payments with mobile enable Instant Payments in Banks?
• Can total interoperability be achieved in Real-Time Payments by 2020?
• How can banks create ubiquitous payment infrastructure for global compatibility?

Rich Clow | Senior Vice President | Bank of America
Tim Mills | Vice President | The Clearing House
Brian Guess | Senior Vice President | KeyBank
Laurence Cooke | CEO | nanopay Corporation.
Christienne Genaro |Partner | PayGility Advisors

15:00 Building a unique and valuable customer experience
Banks are coming up with additional user-friendly applications associated with Real-Time Payments to improve customer experience by enhancing speed, security and efficiency. Some added features include:
• Confirmation of good funds
• Speedy payment clearing and settlement
• Evolving the existing PIN debit infrastructure
• Personalized messaging along with every payment

Carmen Podgurschi | Director, Cross Border Payments | Citi Bank

15:25 Networking and Coffee Break
15:55 Real-Time Payments Beyond B2B
While the initial focus of most banks working on RTP is on treasury services, the expectation is that a wide range of use cases on the retail banking side will also be addressed.
What other use-cases are ready for RTP?
What are the key challenges?
How should we expect the market to evolve?
How should retail banks, community banks and credit unions prepare for RTP?
Javier Guerrero| Founding Partner – Faster Payments Consulting | NXG Partners
16:20 Closing remarks by Chairperson
Deborah Baxley | International Payment Consultant | PayGility Advisors
16:30 The End